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90% of these songs are on my ipod as well - U got some fun music here lady!! I have a playlist to run to and another to lift weights to. Also, I like the change of treadmill running indoors here and at the gym and wearing *both* buds (yay!) versus a run outdoors with only one. Most Aerosmith from the Essentials album is what I run to, plus Rain by Creed. And all those 80's hits by Night Ranger, and the Immigrant Song from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack. Gotta love One Direction's tunes - my 15yr old is into them like a rash. lol...let's go run!

Brenda Lubrant

Amy, I love the song, "Girls just want to have Fun" by Cindy Laupher. That song can get me moving around. I can even do a few jumping jacks at my age to it. Ha!

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We could plan what we want to do on weekends so we cannot waste time doing what we don't want. Sometimes sticking to this rule would made you enjoy life even more.

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Jeg er virkelig overrasket. I dag har jeg brugt meget af min fritid forsøger at finde noget interessant om emnet. Endelig fandt jeg din hjemmeside. Tak for dette!

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Ved at besøge deres hjemmeside Jeg er glad for at sige, at det er en meget nyttig hjemmeside, og meddelelserne er fantastisk, tak for at dele disse nyttige indlæg ..!

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