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tara pollard pakosta

It was super hard for me when mine went off to school! I started working out 2 hours every morning! so there is always that! or scrapbook! though I could never sit and do that. OR do all the mommy chores so you don't have to do them when the kiddos are home!!!!
I am homeschooling now, we started in 4th and 5th grade, last year, so now I have them HOME all day and wish for a break somedays!
have a great day!
hugs to YOU!

Renee J.

This is truly an exciting time for you....I remember it well. Wow, you are already doing amazing things now, Amy! With a few extra hours a day, imagine the possibilities. Remember to take time to do whatever you like! Best Wishes to the entire Coon family!!

Courtney Walsh

Mine started at another new school this year. I've still got one home with me most of the time, but I totally hear what you're saying. It's so so hard to imagine the house without his sound effects and constant prattling on!! Sigh.

I bet you're gonna grow to LOVE it!!!

Amy Coon

Hi Courtney,

I have been wanting to connect with you and pick your brain about some things. If you get a minute let me know.


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