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Glenda Hart

What a great way to promote Autism Awareness.

The Paper Life

Tattered Angels and Liz are doing something amazing I agree



As a parent of a child with Autism, thanks for promoting awareness! Thanks for sharing.


The Paper Life

YOu are more than welcome Rae ....give your child a big hug from us!



I have a son with autism, so I apprecate anyone who helps raise awareness. Thank you!

Samantha Taylor

What a fantastic idea for a fund AND awareness raiser.

Sara Carns

With so many of us scrapbookers and moms being affected by Autism and Aspergers this is an amazing way to show support! Thank you for such an awesome idea and your support, the Paperlife and Glimmer Mist! THANK YOU!


What a great interview and method to raise awareness and support for the cause.


I am thrilled that Tattered Angels (with the help of dear, Liz) is doing this!

The Paper Life

and so much more just wait until the whole plan sets in motion!!!



It's a great way to create awareness, Nice gesture of Tattared Angels Management~~Bravo for them!!!

Hopefully other companies will do the same!! I will cross my finger to win one bottle, It will be my first one, but if I do not win it I will buy it, for sure~~~

Lets all help!!!

The Paper Life

thanks so much Alaina!!!


The Paper Life

well said gretchen



How amazing! As a mother of a son with autism I appreciate any and all awareness that can be brought to the cause. Kuddos Liz!


GREAT IDEA! I hope this helps a lot of families. I also hope that this helps society to become more aware of autism.

Amy Myers

I've taught children with autism. I'm so happy to see Tattered Angels bringing awareness to others.


What a fantasic way to promote Autism Awareness! More companies should do the same.

Crossing my fingers that I win a bottle; it will be my first! (^_^)

Cathy D

Fantastic that you & Liz & Tattered Angels are doing this! I am a mother of 2 sons that are on the spectrum. Remember too that it is not just children, but adults too. This is a life-long disorder. It is so important to raise awareness as the autism community is growing. Thank you from all aspects of my heart!

The Paper Life

thanks Melinda that is all we cold hope for and more



Thank you for raising more awareness of autism. Great interview! Would love to win this special color.


What an awesome thing to do. I just sponsored someone the other day for Autism Speaks LA Walk and I love that you are promoting Autism as well. My son is non verbal Autistic and the change in our life when he is diagnosed is the reason I started scrapbooking. Another awesome organization is Autism Society of America. TY again!

Beth Warner

What a wonderful thing you are doing...I have a friend with an autistic child, and it is definetly a worthy cause...thank you! Beth


So nice to see such awareness, my daughter has behaviorial issues mixed with anxiety and much reading on Autism diet and strategies have been super helpful to us...hope I win, but will definitely be buying some.:)

The Paper Life

that is so true Cathy these fabulous kids do grow up and we forget there are still struggles with the disorder....thanks for saying that


Amy Bender

Thank you all for doing this! My son is on the Spectrum and he has had a hard row to hoe. Anything like this that helps promote awareness and understanding is FABULOUS!!
Add in Tattered Angels to this and...WOW!
My heart is all a-flutter with gratitude.

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