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Dedra is such an inspiration. and a beautiful lady. Thanks for sharing your beautiful paper life with us.

Thanks, Amy. I just love The Paper Life!

Yolanda B.

Thank you for sharing your talent!

gina o

Is there a problem seeing all the photos of Dedra's? I can see all the pictures before hers but nothing of hers?




Wow! What great giveaways!


Love the interview. I can't see the pictures so I went to Dedra's blog. Amazing work!!

Tina S.

No pictures of her work here but I went to Dedra's blog. Love her stuff! So creative...


Dedra is very talented thanks for the great podcast

Donna VW

Interesting interview - thanks! I couldn't see all the photos either. Also, do you think you could put the length of the interview on your blog? This one went way over one hour - which is great - but I can't figure out how to pause the interview. So if I stop - it starts all the way at the beginning again. I love this weekly feature so all help or suggestions are appreciated.

Amy Coon

Donna I will look into that it would be nice but I don't know what the website I record from offers so no promises! Also, everyone the pictures should all be showing now ....issues with typepad somedays it is just cranky!

Sheri T

Thanks so much for spotlighting Dedra! I love her! She has an amazing style and is such an inspiration! She makes everything seem effortless!

Carol Zeitz

What amazing giveaways - I would love the video download! Thanks for sharing Dedra's work, very inspiring!


Awesome giveaways! Love Dedra's work! Very inspiring.


Dedra I've been following Creative Therapy for about a year now and think it is the best site. I love the catalyst each week and everyone's interpetation of them. Great you are there.


I love all the Teresa Collins' projects!!! She is one of my favs!


Looks like some great "givvies"! Thanks!

Melanie K.

Whoa! Some amazing give aways! Thanks!


Thanks for sharing all your wonderful projects. Very Inspiring!


Terrific interview! Well-done! Congrats to Dedra! Thanks for giving us a chance to hear from her.


That music mini book is awesome....what a great idea. Thanks!!!


i adore your work !


thanks for all the inspiration !! real talent


Fantastic project, love the music mini book
so beautiful


I know your blog and i'm a fan of your style
thanks for the chance


I think that your creations are very elegant
thanks for the inspiration you share with us


Love Teresa Collins stuff and love the way you use it.

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