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Erin Bassett

Congratulations Jingle!!!


Cool giveaway loved the mini album so cool !
I just played Halloween one time as a witch :)

Jen A

Absolutely love the darling little coffin mini!

Congrats to you Jingle!


Love the projects, especially the coffin mini album! Thanks for sharing!

Melanie K.

I went as Morticia. It was a fantastic costume! And I was skinny then ... sigh.


Congrats to the winner! Wow this is some awesome and inspiring projects. Look at all that creative MOJO in a row! My favorite costume would have to be when I was a puppet. I drew lines around my mounth, elbows, knees and used ribbon for my string. Thanks so much for a chance.

Dedra Long

Loving the Halloween inspiration so far!
Holy goodness, that giveaway is fantabulous!



I love that little Maya Road mitten album!!!!!

My favorite costume ever was my daughters first costume. She was the cutest little Cinderella ever!!!!

WOW! I love the first LO! So pretty! And the chandelier diecut! Awesome!


look at all that yummy eye candy just in time for Halloween :)

So far my fave is a tootsie roll :)


Love these creations! My favorite costume was my son dressed as Dracula...satin lined cape to the floor, bow tie, black pants, a white face, fangs, black spiked hair, and "blood" dripping down his chin..Buuuwahaha.


I love pink paislee! thanks for sharing all the wonderful goods. my fav costume is a bumble bee.


For some reason, I was totally enamored of being a witch. Went multiple years in a row as one. Made life easy for my Mom!


What yummy, yummy candy!! My favorite costume was the first one my oldest son wore - he was Eeyore and, at one year old and less than thrilled to be in a costume, played the part quite well! :-)

Tina Mayo

okay so mine is really lame>>but my all time favorite was casper the ghost>lol


My guy and I dressed up as the killer bees from Saturday Night Live, complete with eye masks and fake machine guns.


congrats Jingle! Great projects and LO's. Love the coffin idea. My favorite Halloween costume is the witch costume my granddaughter wore last year.


My 18-yr-old went as Alice Cooper last year and looked amazing!! He even car-hopped at Sonic in the costume and got great tips that night! :-)


Hmm my favorite costume was probably when I was a Ken doll...plastic muscles and all. hehe Thanks for all the inspo!


Great prize! I don't know if I have a fav costume! When I was kid I usually dressed up in my parents or grama's clothes. I guess one year I was Wonder Woman. That was pretty cool.

Jean Marmo

One of my favorite costumes was going as a hobo - huge jacket, flannel shirt, bandana tied sack on a branch.

Thanks for the great ideas.!

Yolanda B.

Thank you for the great giveaway and ideas!!

My favorite costume was a handmade ladybug!!

glee stormont

I think my fave costume was when i was about 11 or 12, I was Honey West, girl detective, in a trenchcoat and hat, complete w/ Ms West's beautymark, of course!! Now I have sons, so it's a whole new ball game!

Susan C.

Cool projects! Thanks for sharing them. =)

Shannon Torossi

My favourite all time Halloween costumes were the ones I sewed in college for my then boyfriend (now husband) and I. He was Captain Kirk and I was Lt. Uhura from the original Star Trek.

The sewing pattern came with iron on Star Trek patches but my brother didn't think that was good enough. For some lucky reason, there was a Star Trek convention going on in Toronto at the time so we drove down, he somehow talked his way into the show without paying, and bought me some really fancy gold patches. I must admit they were much better, but it was an awful lot of trouble!

My mother even back combed my hair into this giant beehive type style hairdo that took almost a week to get the knots out of. It was amazing!

I still have the costumes but they would never fit us now!

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